October 7, 2016


I have found the process of hypnotherapy with Annette a consistently positive experience. I am feeling much more capable of managing the ups and downs of life without becoming unduly stressed. My sleep pattern has improved. I play the hypnotherapy CD every night, I often fall asleep before it gets to the end, but Annette has assured me that it still all goes in. I certainly can vouch that the process has had a beneficial effect on me and I shall continue listening to the CD. My friends have remarked that I am looking much better.

During my initial consultation, I found all of the information that was given to me very interesting and it made a lot of sense. I found Annette very welcoming and warming. I am looking forward to having my first session. The thing which stood out to me and I found particularly interesting was learning about the ‘trance’ state and how the intellectual and primitive minds come together, which can put you in the position to look at things in a different way, which can help you deal with your anxieties, fears, etc.

The initial consultation was very interesting. Annette explained the process very clearly; it is interesting to see how important the sleep process is to us, also the need for REM sleep. It can be difficult to control the stresses and anxieties of every day life, but it helps to know that sleep can help us in this process.

During hypnotherapy with Annette I felt very relaxed and peaceful. After the treatment I felt happy and at ease. I felt as though my mind had become clearer. I also felt more connected to everything. Immediately after my first session I felt refreshed and revitalised. All of the information I was given was very interesting. Since my last session of hypnotherapy I have felt much more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I have felt more outgoing and less paranoid about others.

I found my initial consultation very interesting, I felt relaxed and well informed. Annette has a lovely warm personality which makes you feel at ease. I am very much looking forward to starting hypnotherapy sessions. After my first session I felt totally and deeply relaxed. The visualisations were even more visual than before, more colourful and peaceful. During my third session I was extremely relaxed and experienced super visualisation, birds singing, feeling water bubbling, and feeling of being enveloped by colours. I experienced a wonderful feeling. Thank you Annette – you are fabulous.

I really enjoyed meeting Annette and it was interesting to hear the explanations of how the mind works. I found Annette really friendly and approachable and am looking forward to coming again and finding out more about hypnotherapy.

I really enjoyed this evening, a real eye opener. I am looking forward to the next session. I found it all very relaxing and comforting. Thank you for the opportunity Annette.

My initial consultation was very interesting. Annette gave a lot of information and facts that I did not know before. Annette also made sure I understood the explanations throughout. My first session was very relaxing. I could feel myself drifting in and out of a deep trance/sleep although each time Annette spoke, my awareness came back into the room and I was able to hear and retain the information and take it away with me. A few days later I was in a situation where I would normally clam up. I was talking to a stranger and I was able to keep the conversation going and didn’t feel as anxious as I would usually.

I found the initial session very interesting and informative, learning about the two areas of the brain. The information was delivered in a relaxed manner, which made me feel comfortable about discussing my problems. After the second session I felt very relaxed. This time I could hear some of the words that Annette said, which I felt resonated better in my mind. This last week I have felt that my energy level has increased. I have felt more determined to set and achieve goals I have even applied for a job. After third session – I felt very relaxed and in a trance, continued improvement in confidence. I have been proactive this week.

I felt very chilled throughout the initial consultation. I found it very interesting, it all made sense once broken down.

I felt really at ease, Annette has such a lovely voice – she is great at explaining things, I found everything very interesting. I can’t wait for my first session.After just one session I’ve felt more confident in tackling issues I’ve found it easier to stay and keep calm and relaxed.

I heard that hypnotherapy was amazing for stress, from what I have experienced I have to agree. I feel far more relaxed and centred since my last session.


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  • I had tried solution based hypnotherapy with Annette during a stressful time! I always used to leave feeling almost totally better! I have also just recently done a hypnotherapy session with Annette, focusing on smoking! To quit smoking! It has now been nearly a week and I haven’t been tempted to touch one! Or a puff 😅 The though is not completely been eliminated from my mind! Say for example when I wake up in the morning, when I would usually have a cigarette, I might think it.. but it has no control over me and I say no! And I feel proad! I definitely do not want to smoke again! And this works for heavy smokers, as I was! Good luck x

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